About Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree Early Childhood Education is a premier foundation school offering pre-school education, day care, activity centre and after school services. Just like the Peepal tree, which is regarded as “the Tree of Life”, at Peepal Tree Early Childhood Education we teach, empower and inspire your child to reason, think beyond the usual and enjoy learning by creating a fostering environment of fun, reasoning and activities.

We understand that children’s minds in their developmental years are the most active and needs to be shaped in the right manner for them to excel. Providing children with a nurturing environment and understanding that each child is unique and have their distinct identity will enable them to flourish and shine.

There are two important support systems in a child’s life at this stage – parents and teachers. A child’s holistic development is dependent on his/her early experiences and environment, an environment they feel safe and secure in. At Peepal Tree, we provide children with an environment where they feel at home, are safe and secure and are actively engaged to develop holistically.

Our teachers are creative, innovative and dedicated to offer the best caring to your child. The focus is on the overall development of your child by providing proper attention and imbibing values through our qualified teachers and innovative learning aids.

With the best learning practices and new pedagogies, you can be assured that your child is engaged and nurtured in a stimulating environment.

Our Philosophy

At Peepal Tree, the philosophy – Education for Life is at the heart of all our activities.

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Our Vision / Mission

Nurturing socially responsible global citizens

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Our Approach

A child’s overall brain development happen the most during the age group of 3 to 6 years.

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